Book Review: Perspectives on Israel and the Church by Chad Brand


Introduction: This book is exactly as the title states. 4 authors writing from 4 different viewpoints on the subject take turns explaining their view biblically and theologically. Then, each of the authors makes a brief response to each of the other 3 positions. The positions represented are: the traditional covenantal view (i.e., paedobaptist); the traditional dispensational view; the progressive dispensational view; and the progressive covenantal view.

The Good: Like all the other books in the Perspectives series, this book is super handy for comparing multiple positions on disputed issues.

The Bad: Sadly, the main continuity position in the book is basically equated with paedobaptist covenant theology. That means that historic covenantal baptists (e.g., 1689 2nd London Confession) will not find themselves represented in this book. The “baptistic” position of greater continuity is basically equated with progressive covenantalism/New Covenant Theology (e.g., Gentry and Wellum).

Overall: This is a handy read for people looking to quickly compare multiple positions on a subject. While I sadly cannot find my own position represented among the chapters (nor could any of the early Particular Baptists!), I do think this work will help many people understand the main thrust of each of the major positions represented in the volume.


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