Q&A with Sam Waldron on Sabbath, Theonomy, the Law, and Federal Vision

In May 2020, Drs. Sam Waldron and Jon English Lee recorded a live Q&A during a class being filmed at CBTS on the Decalogue and the Sabbath in Redemptive History taught by Jon English.

Questions include:

(at 2:12) “Galatians 3:13-14 is a text that demonstrates the problems with dispensationalism and New Covenant Theology. Could you flesh out for us the problems that become evident when one attempts to square these views of the law with this text?”

(5:34) “How should we think about the phrase “living faith” or “obedient faith” in today’s context as it has been used by some associated with Federal Vision?”

(14:21) “Can a deconstructionist or theonomist be consistent with our confession’s view of the Law? Would you ever consider someone who holds to this view to be considered for a church leadership role?”

(22:08) “What would you say to people who say that general equity is theonomy, because you’re getting  your laws from God vs your own opinions?”

(30:47) “What areas in the church and society are there that we need to address with the law?”

(40:21) “What is the best work that explains two kingdom theology? Should the government have any involvement in the application of the first table of the law?”

(43:37) “Can you help us navigate honoring the 9th commandment in the digital age?”

(51:28) “How would one go about convincing their local church that the 4th commandment is still applicable today?”

(58:40) “Does a consistent breaking of the 4th commandment warrant church discipline?”

(1:04:06) “What practical advice would you have for a pastor to help protect Sunday as a sabbath of rest?”

(1:11:30) “Today we find our nation at an impasse where the civil magistrates contradiction one another. How do we wrestle through this issue in relation to obedience to the 5th commandment?”


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