Book Review: 10 Sacred Cows in Christianity that Need to Be Tipped by Jared H. Moore

10 Sacred Cows in Christianity That Need To Be Tipped

Introduction: Jared Moore defines a “sacred cow” in the church as: “a tradition that has been exalted to a position of normalcy without Biblical warrant” (1). He is trying to highlight 10 such cows that need to be “tipped,” or removed from the church.

The Good: Moore has done a great job diagnosing many of the problems that have quietly grown in the American church. He prophetically condemns man-centric preaching and any ministry practice that is not explicitly focused on God’s glory. Moore’s firm conviction in the Bible’s authority and sufficiency is clear throughout. Also, his writing style is both concise and clear.

The Bad: Brevity. At only 26 pages, this brief survey left me wanting more discussion on each topic.

Overall: I appreciated Moore’s insightful analysis of 10 common problems found in churches. His high view of scripture, combined with a clear primacy in God focused ministry, makes this prophetic little book even more powerful. The brevity of the book would make it a good outline or starting point for some important conversations. While I would have loved a little deeper look at each “cow,” I would heartily recommend this little book for both pastors and anyone in the pew.


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