Book Review: Covenant Theology: A Baptist Distinctive by Earl M. Blackburn

Covenant Theology

Introduction: This is an explanation and defense of baptistic covenantal theology.

The Good: The list of contributors is great: Walt Chantry, Ken Fryer, Fred Malone, Ken Puls, Earl Blackburn, and Justin Taylor. Also, Chantry’s chapter on Imputation and covenant theology was very good. That is an area that is seeing a lot of turmoil these days among covenantal adherents, so I appreciated a strong emphasis on the imputation of Christ’s active and passive obedience.

The Bad: I understand that this volume was an explanation and defense of how Baptists could be (and have been) covenantal. However, I sure wish there had been a chapter on the practical and pastoral relevance of covenantal theology.

Overall: Great introduction to covenantal theology. For my money, Malone’s chapter on Hermeneutics and Covenantal Theology and Chantry’s chapter on the Covenants of Works and Grace were each well worth the price of the book. Highly recommended.


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